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Raccoon token (RCN) is a deflationary cryptocurrency featuring a maximum supply of 1,000,000 tokens. Unlike most yield farms, RCN does not require more buyers to continue to purchase the token in order for the price to appreciate. Our yield farming utility dAPP generates revenue through advertising, referrals, auto-compounding vaults, and auto-harvesting smart contracts that will buyback and burn the RCN token.

Deposit fees, which is only 0.1%, collected will buyback and burn the RCN token. We will protect certain price points with the goal of burning as many RCNs as possible.

Launch block : #24375000 on Fantom

Estimated Target Date: Thu Dec 08 2021 18:41:00 UTC

To be as fair as possible, Raccoon finance decided to take the way as fair launch. There have been many issues with token launches in the industry and we’ve found that when done correctly, a fair launch provides the most fair opportunity for our users to obtain tokens. Our goal is to have no buys prior to our first announcement on our Telegram channel. This can be tracked by viewing ftmscan.com.

Our liquidity provider will be SpookySwap, a trusted partner in the industry. We will be providing $500 of initial liquidity. This breakdown is as follows:

  • $(5) RCNt$100 USDC
  • $(5) RCNt$100 WFTM
  • Dev will hold 500 tokens to be burned or used for promotions.
  • No tokens will ever be sold by team.

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Gamefi & Defi on Phantom

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Raccoon Finance

Raccoon Finance

Gamefi & Defi on Phantom

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